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There is a difference between friendly interaction and an attempt to control, which is what the toxic ex wishes to do. This sort of ex will do whatever it takes to sabotage any new relationship you form. Or, they go as far as abandoning their own children to punish you for some wrong doing they feel you have done. It doesn’t matter what they are unhappy about, you will get the blame.

Which, in turn, makes it difficult to form new romantic relationships because not many want to be in a relationship with someone who has a crazy ex meddling in the relationship. They are willing to hurt their own children in an attempt to control you or get back at you in some way. If they treat their children badly and cause their children to become angry, you will be blamed.

Repeating part of your sentence before he answers a question, as if he needs time to manufacture an excuse. All these speech patterns are indicative of a toxic man. You're beautiful, smart, talented, young, a mother, or a teacher. No woman is too brilliant, too beautiful, too kind or too amazing to avoid these guys if she doesn't know the warning signs.

I love my friend, we've been friends for 2ish years.

If in doubt, here are seven signs you might be dealing with a toxic man. We've all been hurt before, but a lot of women will start to retreat to a vulnerable place in their love lives when it happens, making them especially susceptible to toxic men.

A lot of woman are being abused and they don't even know it."I don't want you to be a woman ensnared by a toxic man (or woman — this book is for , people) just because you didn't realize he was toxic.

All their bad choices are made based on some wrong you did them..their head, anyway.7. They will defy court orders knowing you will take them back to court.

This is a passive/aggressive way of keeping a connection to an ex – spouse.

Forget asking surface questions that will not get to the bottom of the situation. If they loose their job, have car trouble or just can’t seem to catch a break, you will be blamed.You may go months at a time without seeing them or talking to them but, you can bet that if something goes wrong, you will be blamed.5. You will hear comments projecting failure on your part as a result of your inability to hold the marriage together.This is symptomatic of a manipulative and vengeful mindset and any comments from such a person should be ignored.6.They will use you as an excuse for their own bad behavior.

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She started dating this really sweet guy a couple months ago, and it fell apart.

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