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Perhaps you hope to line up a New Year’s date, or you want to make sure you’re working towards your goal of finding a partner to have a family with before your eggs self-destruct. The love of your life could have hired James Taylor to serenade you at your favorite wine bar, and you’d still wonder if you should skip the second glass so you could get home in time for that marketing webinar. Maybe you’re worried about why you fell hard for that last guy – even though your gut told you not to – and you want to figure out a few things.

But when you’re burned out, dating is a waste of time. Maybe you need to learn how to be happy being alone before you can be good company for anyone else. That way, you don’t end up like your forever date-less girlfriend – you know, the one who’s been “taking a break” for the last six years.

You can then capitalize on the January rush of all those guys who suddenly realize they’d like someone to warm up their cold winter nights.

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Maybe you’re just in an inexplicable nasty funk, and you want to retreat into your chick cave and scowl at the world for a while. 1) Set a time limit The best way to feel good about taking a break is to know how long it will last, so you’ll be able to give yourself permission to really enjoy your time off.

For example, if you anticipate that your break will last through the holidays, maybe you can plan your own little “Eat, Pray, Love” romp around Costa Rica over Thanksgiving.

Although you might want to fight going on a break, that will only make him want the break even more.

Here are the six main reasons people take a break in a relationship: Arguing occasionally about matters or having disagreements sometimes is a normal part of any relationship.

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Having an extended break because the two of you will no longer be physically close might work better than trying to keep the relationship going long distance. You or he might turn down opportunities that you would take if you were not in a committed relationship. They could also be opportunities to study abroad, for example, which you or he might be hesitant to do if that meant not coming home regularly anymore.

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