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There are a refreshingly high percentage of generations of families that reside in University Park yet newcomers are embraced with true southern hospitality, common throughout this charming area.Highland Park Independent School District (HPISD) is a consolidated school district, serving residents in both Highland Park and University Park.To them it intimates they are taking advantage of young, naive prey, when they all say the men they are dating are sophisticated grown-ups who aren’t looking for a free ride (at least not a financial one). “Guys my age or older, they’re married, or they’ve physically reached their expiration date,” she says. Just because I’m 45 doesn’t mean I don’t want to be mentally and physically turned on.” Kelly nods her head slowly in approval. Most of the guys she’s gone out with are 10 years younger, or more.Tiffany, 51, a divorcee who “hasn’t had much luck with men over 35,” put it succinctly when she noted, over a martini at Fearing’s Rattlesnake Bar: “The guy I’m seeing is 31. That these men have not yet arrived at her social or financial station in life doesn’t concern her. “I make my own money.” She met her current boyfriend at Carsons Live in Addison, a dance club populated with twentysomethings unafraid to put their pinkie and forefinger in the air while rocking out.And if pop culture is any indication, these “cougars,” as the women have been dubbed, are indeed stepping from the shadows of love and enjoying their spotlight: recent acknowledgment of cougars range from an entire episode of 30 Rock with that title to a skit called “Cougar Den” on Saturday Night Live. Samantha Jones and the college student with the same name, Sam Jones (Sex and the City). Others say there are specific age brackets that cougars must fall into.And if you think of it like a contagion—say, the cougar flu—then Dallas is the hot zone of the outbreak. One of the first articles on cougars, in 2001, quoted a Canadian website that said women in their 30s who date younger men are pumas or cougar cubs, and they “graduate” into full cougar status upon hitting 40.He knows if he calls me a cougar, it is over.” For clarification, as well as an argument to embrace the term, we can turn to Valerie Gibson. Not that she’s against it, but she says if she’s not physically attracted to a man, then his wealth (or lack of it) is irrelevant. One month after their first date, Kelly and her boyfriend had their second date at the Loon.Gibson, who was the sex columnist for the Toronto Sun for more than two decades, claims she brought the term to America with her 2001 book Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men. The long time between meetings is further proof, she says, that part of the appeal of such relationships is the control the woman has.

It is recognized as one of the best public school systems in Texas and in the United States with more than 95 percent of the district's students attending college after graduation.Immediately north of Highland Park and five miles north of downtown Dallas, University Park is also served by the renowned Highland Park Independent School District and enjoys other hallmarks as Highland Park, including public tennis courts, beautiful parks and the family friendly “U. The city is the home of Southern Methodist University and its north-central location provides easy access to a broad range of cultural, fine dining, recreational, shopping and business activities.The neighborhood shares a strong bond among the community.But it was on the plane flight where she made her most scandalous choice—a decision, in football parlance, to get younger at the position. The young man next to her asked what she was going to do in Vegas. He asked if she would ever consider going out with someone his age. That would suggest that, everywhere you look, professional women in heels are sharing bottles of wine with boys wearing big belt buckles and Chuck Taylors. But we did date more when I got back to town.” He was the first person she’d dated post-divorce, though, so she didn’t want to get too serious.

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(Himself as close to a cougar as a man can be.) They want to emphasize that theirs is not a tawdry pursuit but a sensible dating decision arrived at by examining the options available and choosing, in the end, the option with the tightest buns. Surely, though, there are the awkward moments, aren’t there?

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