Masterbahion guy

Masterbahion guy

When the Siemen remains insidethe estrojen starts mixing with the blood and thats the thing which gives u power, energy, stamina and makes ur bones stronger.

When Masterbation is done daily .......there is not enough siemen made in the ..........almost no amount of Estrojen is added 2 the blood ........result ...........bones will get hallow(weak)....stamina 2 do heavy work (e.g.

Masturbation will not, and cannot give you acne any more than any OTHER activity or phase of your life in which you have hormonal fluctuations might give you acne.

In fact, almost any sexual activity improves your circulation by raising your heart rate, which is good for your skin and the rest of your body.

It is also okay not to masturbate if you don’t feel comfortable about doing it.

Masturbating one, two, or ten times a day is healthy, as long as it brings you pleasure and you still continue to eat, go to school, and see friends. Your balls and penis may feel sore due to the friction involved when you masturbate frequently, so try using some lube.

It also does not make anyone "lose" their virginity, not "spoil" them for intercourse or other sexual acts. We cannot spoil or be "ruined." We change and grow, and as long as we act like good people in good conscience, no act or person can make us otherwise.

Plenty of scholars and religious leaders agree, Judeo-Christian and otherwise, that masturbation is not a sin, for those whose religions include the concept of sin (and many do not).

Well if u don't believe me then do masterbating one day and the same day try 2 do some jogging or running or bycycling or work out at jim.......u will feel the loss of energy and loss of stamina............the 2nd day u will be feeling week while doing some tuff exercises........... I'd suggest to everyone not to believe anything this guy's said.

Masturbation will not, and cannot make the genitals shrink or grow, and a doctor cannot tell if someone has masturbated unless they arrive at the office with ejaculate on one hand and a vibrator in the other.

Masturbation will not, and cannot make hair grow on your palms.

One of the most common worries is about how often it is ‘allowed’ or ‘healthy’ to masturbate.

There is no set number of times that people should masturbate—there is no medical reason why masturbating four times a day will do you any harm. Masturbation is a perfectly normal sexual activity; and there is now evidence to show masturbating regularly lowers the risk of getting testicular cancer.

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