Is ashley tisdale dating simon rex Woman naked free chat

Is ashley tisdale dating simon rex

As promised, Lohan was Sheen's date to the premiere, and they definitely played up the part. The pair posed for photographers with their arms around each other, and Sheen even planted a few kisses on the actress's cheek (maybe that Lohan-Sheen baby Moviefone created wasn't such a stretch after all! Of course, Lohan and Sheen weren't the only "Scary Movie 5" stars at the premiere; Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, and Kate Walsh were also on hand. (laughs) I had a sinus infection, so I was like, “Props to you for sticking your finger in my mouth.” There was also a cut scene where Heather Locklear also sticks her finger in my mouth, so I was not a virgin anymore with the finger in the mouth. It got me when they’d say, “Put your finger in her nose.” Then, they’d say, “Put it back in her mouth.” And I would be like, “Just stop.This is gross.” (laughs) They could just keep going with that stuff. ASHLEY TISDALE: She was saying, “I’m really sorry I have to put my finger in your mouth.” She was really sweet. My stuff was just falling down a lot, which is what I love doing.SIMON REX: As a kid, I grew up on them, so I loved those kind of movies. ASHLEY TISDALE: I always feel like it’s going to be “High School Musical.” I was at the Kids Choice Awards backstage and Jon Stewart comes up to me.He said, “Every time I hear your voice, I think I’m busted.” I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” I do an animation series called “Phineas and Ferb,” so I get that a lot. We trained for a month and [they] just cut it right out. I have a character called Dirt Nasty that’s a very dirty rapper. SIMON REX: Because she sings really beautifully and I rap really comedic. You kind of have to be free as a comedian and not take yourself too seriously.Every single time they’d say, “Oh, he’s going to hit you from behind,” or, “You’re going to land in a toilet,” I’d say, “Ok, cool…

SIMON REX: No, she had more love scenes with objects and with Erica. Since we got to shoot like “Paranormal Activity,” it was like a silent film in certain parts, where it sped up to look like an old Charlie Chaplain movie. BE: Do you guys remember discovering this style of humor? I’m a bit older than her, so I grew up on “Airplane” and “Naked Gun.” ASHLEY TISDALE: I saw it once.just make sure of the water.” (laughs) BE: Was it ever awkward for you and the prop guy? (laughs) BE: In the closing credits, Erica [Ash] had her fingers in your mouth a lot. ASHLEY TISDALE: It’s funny, because I had just been through a lot in this production.I had lost my voice for three days, so the whole ending was pretty much ADR.It’s so funny, but I have all these comedians that I look up to who love it. (laughs) With this type of movie, you just have to roll with it. BE: Will you guys be approaching it more as an action blockbuster and less with the religious aspects? SIMON REX: I’m doing a spoof of telenovelas called “El Gringo Loco” and she’s in an episode with me. BE: I read you studied ballet for the part, but you don’t dance in the movie. In the end, we spoofed “Mama” more and cut some of the “Black Swan” stuff.

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I just felt that how people are in “Paranormal,” like, “What do you hear? ASHLEY TISDALE: I love “Bridesmaids.” It’s so funny. There’s a movie called “American Movie,” which I feel is so brilliant, because it was so real.

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