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It’s so easy at the beginning of a relationship to get lost in the giddy infatuation you’re both feeling.

However, making time for both your romance and your friendships is vital to maintaining balance, happiness and healthiness.

They’ll be there for you and be a strength if you have to go through a breakup.

In addition, keeping friendships a priority in your life will help maintain your sense of self and identity.

There is no “formula to holiness” outside of a relationship with Jesus, so I don’t want you to […] Read More One of the most common questions/concerns I get in my inbox are typically along these lines: “I was dating someone for a few years and we just broke up…”, “How do I get over my ex?

You get to live with a couple thousand other young adults as you all begin to form identities, and there's the possibility of romance.

Think about some of the issues a dating relationship between people of different faiths would create, and work through what your answers to these tough questions would be: Should we go to church, or to temple or to the mosque together? Will we consult a higher power when dealing with problems?

If you aren’t on the same page about what you’re both looking for, there will be hurt feelings and issues to work through pretty quickly. This question has to do with understanding why you want to be in a relationship.

So, when does one update a Facebook status from “Single” to “In a Relationship” or vice versa?

Broadcasting the state of your relationship on social networking sites is a relatively new phenomenon, and because of that there aren’t really any accepted rules or guidelines.

However, it’s important to pause and clarify the expectations both people have about this new relationship.

For some, the purpose of dating is about finding a spouse and seeing how compatible you are for marriage.

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They say “thank you” when they get something, but they tend to create scenes or just rebel when they don’t get their way.

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