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You’re probably lucky if your soul doesn’t jump out of your body, but it might be worth a try if you have a brave mind…

Hadaka Matsuri or Naked men Festival The origins of per village was chosen.

It is chosen because dogs are known to have easy deliveries.

So the ancient Japanese people started to pray on this day for good luck during delivery.

Japan offers many rituals and countless festivals celebrating nearly every occasion you can think of.

The flickering of the light in the lantern symbolises the soul.

People usually go to a shrine to do this ceremony praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

This “dog day” is decided based on the Japanese original calender.

Funeral ceremonies for example are mainly (93%) Buddhist in nature while weddings are mainly Shintoist.

All these traditions and ceremonies center on purification of body and soul from spiritual and earthly dust and on celebrating and offerings to the gods.

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Different Kami, or nature gods, are associated with different objects and each has its own ritual or prayer, whether this concerns a rock or the wind for that matter.

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