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He also points out that the main themes in the paintings and other artifacts (powerful beasts, risky hunting scenes, and the over-sexual representation of women in the Venus figurines) are to be expected in the fantasies of adolescent males, who constituted a large part of the human population at the time.

However, Merlin Stone, in her book When God Was a Woman, suggested that many scholars and archaeologists impose modern sexist views on ancient findings.

Some have argued that such images are records of hunts that served not only to inventory the amount of animals killed as well as future references for animal migrating patterns.

An alternative theory, developed by David Lewis-Williams and broadly based on ethnographic studies of contemporary hunter-gatherer societies, is that the paintings were made by Cro-Magnon shamans.

While we may not fully understand the purpose for these paintings, we can appreciate and enjoy their beauty, admiring the creativity of those from long-ago eras.

Cave paintings are a form of Rock art, falling under the category of pictograph, or the application of pigments to a rock surface.

They show the ancient inhabitants of the area worshiping cattle and performing religious ceremonies.

The paintings vary in age from 1100 The paintings are noted for their high quality, extent, the variety and originality of human and animal representations, remarkable colors, and excellent state of preservation.

The rock paintings of Sierra de San Francisco were nominated in 1989 and became a World Heritage Site in 1993.

He concludes that recent theory linking shamanic and religious practices with cave painting throughout the world appear the most credible.

Rock painting was also performed on cliff faces, but fewer of those have survived because of erosion.

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