Corey haim dating

Corey haim dating

After poor testing of the original ending, an entire new section was filmed starting with those guys crashing into a car at Archie's to prevent them chasing our trio.Fortunately, for all of us fans, we can now see the original parts of the movie for the first time since the 1987 test screening thanks to the new Anchor Bay Special Edition DVD.Both versions have completely different halves of the movie after Archie's Atomic Drive-In.At archie's, when the guys upset the older tough guys there was a whole section where they were chased by those guys, who end up trashing Grandpa's Caddy, so they had to steal another one from a used car dealer.News: After being introduced by Corey Feldman shortly before Haim died, he began dating 27-year-old Daisy de la Hoya, the star of…More » Like the setting of the sun, when one Corey dies another must make a statement.“I was embarrassed I was a virgin, so I needed someone to pop the cherry and make me a veteran.” So she basically asked Scott to do the deed.

"I was a virgin until I was 17, almost 18 years old." She didn't want to go into the virginity thing on the radio, but they pushed, since she’s dated so many famous people.Corey invited her to the Playboy Mansion." "Corey Feldman came, too." Daisy de la Hoya apparently wanted to help Haim with his struggles."Daisy knew Corey was doing a lot of drugs, especially prescription meds," the source says."This is the worst day ever I can't believe this." "Daisy loved The Lost Boys, and she always had a crush on Corey," a source close to de la Hoya says."Their first official date was two weeks ago, but they'd been hanging out a little while before that.

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The two Corey's production actually went through nine 1974 Cadillacs during filming.

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