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You want to give the listeners your best average sermon to demonstrate to them what you are able to do week by week.” Preaching a candidating sermon can make a person feel like they are back in homiletics class.

It feels like people are listening to the preacher more than they are listening to God.

Ask for a church constitution, by-laws, articles of faith, standard for workers, etc.2. This makes for a safe place to "be ourselves" without judgment.

An online message board works like this: One person types a question, situation, or statement.

Check real estate prices online at and cost of living guides at homebuyer's fair. Now the church simply wants to understand for themselves who you are and how you will fit into the ministry God has built in their community. Be prepared to talk about:· your conversion experience.· your call to ministry.· the affirmations of your call.· your relationship with the Holy Spirit.· your relationship to your spouse (if applicable).· your priorities in ministry.· your experiences in ministry activities. Do they have a pre-determined policy that covers these things? If an associate - ask to see a written job description. If an associate - ask how long the pastor expects to stay.20.

Starting Saturday, February 11th, Rob Dyck together with his wife Leanne and their family will be in Prince George.

Although the procedure of candidating is flawed humanly speaking, we can affirm God’s providence in it. Through this maze of candidating, men and women and churches attempt to discern God’s call.

Throughout the entire search phase, the candidate can use it as an opportunity to deepen one’s faith, to persevere in prayer, to fast, to trust God for His will.

I’m not sure what King George had to do with it, but we all have those sure-fire, can’t miss sermons that are certain to put us in the best possible light.

It is tempting to default to such sermons when the footing isn’t sure.


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