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Is it possible that this ankh-man is the ride-or-die dude Katie needs?“Either way it’s a porno, no matter what we do,” she murmurs by way of pickup line.She’s stripped of clothing, blacked of eye, waving her middle fingers to the sky — “F*CK YOU VH1! The first daters, Joe, 24, and Wee Wee, 36, who would each go out with two other people during the course of the episode, exchanged brief hellos before taking off all their clothes and reconvening on an empty, remote beach for their initial rendezvous. I'll probably think about elephants or like monkeys or something like that - and just look her straight in the eye.'Wee Wee, who admits she hasn't had sex in more than a year, then contradicts him in her own private confession: 'I didn't even focus on the penis.VH1 really likes to drive home its belief that this show is a “radical dating experiment.” At every introduction, the host asks: Will people put everything — from genitals to bad tattoos to glaring personality flaws — out there for judgment?On last night’s episode, we finally got an answer in the form of Katie, who is the living embodiment of all VH1’s radical ambitions, the show’s raison d’etre.VH1 should thank her for providing an accurate tagline.

He takes one look at poor Dan, gingerly sipping his first margarita like a 16-year-old at TGI Fridays and says, “I would have made that kid cry in high school.” His total jock-douche shtick is a huge turn-off.Finally, Dating Naked delivers on two promises: naked ziplining and foul-mouthed Katie.Katie is from Queens, curses like a sailor, and talks about her vagina.Then she meets Scott, a manly man who tickles all of her primal urges.He goes right in for the hug, attempting to dick-poke her because that’s went men do.

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