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Faye Moskowitz (Amy Brenneman) is a former lawyer turned pastry chef who is a love interest to Frasier during the sixth season.

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Similarly, she's the sort of manipulative, controlling female Niles is attracted to (e.g., Maris).

It is heavily implied in her first appearance that she is much older than she appears, probably due to her profession.

Despite a decent first date, Faye breaks up with him for a while when she embarks on a planned trip to Paris.

By the time Faye returns to Seattle towards the end of the season, Frasier was already dating a KACL marketing manager named Cassandra Stone (played by Virginia Madsen).

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Martin and Sherry eventually break up at a bar when Martin wants to marry, but Sherry (who has had several previous marriages) wants to keep the relationship casual.

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