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Although I think the font contrast definitely needs work. You're missing the level 28 & 36 soul shields from the vendor right next to the wheel in Yehara's Mirage.

I like the site though I do agree the beige colour is a little difficult to read in some areas, a darker shadow or soft stroke would make it easier. You are also missing the level 33 Scorpion Soul Shield from the wheel outside of Yehara's Mirage that you spin with the essences from killing the field boss "Pinchy".

As for which belt * bracelet to evolve, I believe you start with the Siren Belt & the Pirate Bracelet, from what I've heard/read.

uber girly, but that's coming from another girl web developer and just my opinion. Nonetheless, thanks for making an actual English database for Blade & Soul.I have horrible astigmatism and I wear shitty 3-year-old old contact lenses because I cant afford to buy new ones and I see all the text just fine.It is dark blackish-purple text on a pale-color background, and the links are peach with a dark gray outline.i want Craft Moonwater transf but too hard for do mysellf, i have idea, with 5 share 20 soulstone 4 moonwater tear 1 moonwater quatz 1 premium [email protected], you might be right, but I still think that denying people the use symbols in their password isn't a good idea.

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