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The Hittites must have thought of them as presents, probably quite valuable ones, as black persons were a rarity among them.

Defeated nations like the Nubians which lost their independence and were administered by the Egyptians, paid taxes which often included slaves.

Theory and practice of Egyptian slavery were, as far as we can ascertain, quite different from those of Greece, Rome or the southern states of the USA, where slaves were wholly at the mercy of their owners with little protection from society, and more in line with the kind of slavery practiced in the rest of Africa .

Hem (Hm), generally translated as 'slave' and originally meaning body, was seemingly a person with lessened rights dedicated to a certain task such as the service of a god (since the 1st dynasty) or the royal administration. of hem) are mentioned in the context of private persons only since the end of the Old Kingdom .

A remnant of these customs is seen in the demotic contracts concerning security, where grasping the hand refers to the warrantor's hand being held by the creditor symbolizing the debtor giving the creditor power over his person.

Debt slavery was abolished in the Late Dynastic Period.

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The successful defence against the Sea Peoples resulted in large numbers of slaves as well, when whole wandering peoples were defeated and captured.

Punishment It has been proposed that the vizier had the right to impose perpetual forced labour on a convicted criminal, which would put him in a position of virtual slavery. has said before my master, Saknebtynis, the great god, 'I am your servant, together with my children and my children's children.

I shall not be free in your precinct forever and ever.

You will protect me; you will keep me safe; you will guard me. until the completion of 99 years, and I will give it to your priests monthly.' But whether this kind of voluntary servitude was anything like the bondage imposed on a destitute debtor cannot be answered. His majesty despoiled it and I brought spoil from it: two women and a hand. of vile Naharina who were as defenders among them, with their horses, 691 prisoners, 29 hands [of slain], 48 mares ...

You will keep me sound; you will protect me from every demon, and I will pay you 1¼ kita of copper . War While there had been slaves in Egypt since the beginning of its history, their numbers greatly increased during the New Kingdom, when the pharaohs were committed to a policy of foreign involvement and conquests in Nubia, Canaan and Syria brought in many prisoners of war, seqer-ankh, who were enslaved, at times branded with the sign ki Then Avaris was despoiled, and I brought spoil from there: one man, three women; total, four persons. in that year 295 male and female slaves, 68 horses, 3 gold dishes, 3 silver dishes, .......... ) year of Thutmose's reign he received from the Hittites among other things eight male and female black slaves, calling it tribute.

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Debt Some Egyptians were sold into slavery because of debts or sold themselves to escape poverty.

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