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Adobe Research has been working on some pretty interesting photo and video editing features, but their latest research might just revolutionize photo editing as we know it.Imagine if Photoshop could automatically cut out complex subjects in seconds, no matter the background… When you think of Saturday Night Live, you probably don't think of photography... The show takes its photography very seriously—it all-but-coined an iconic style of portraiture—and this video takes us behind the scenes of the SNL Photo Department with photographer Mary Ellen Matthews.

That was my situation when I was employed as a student and photographer at UCLA back — make that WAAAYY back — in 1966-68.If you take a drive down the Gene Autry Trail in California sometime before April 30th, you'll run into an unusual set of billboards.Rather than ads, you're greeted by a landscape photograph that, for a fleeting moment as you drive by, will blend perfectly into the mountains in the distance.The United States has issued a new ban on cameras, laptops, tablets, and other portable electronic devices as carry-on items for flights from 10 airports in 8 countries. Is the most egalitarian form of photography, ‘street photography’, being destroyed by its own popularity? I won’t profess to have a clear answer to this question, but I do have some thoughts.Those thoughts may turn into a rant, but I'll try to contain myself!

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ISO is one of the three major exposure settings in the exposure triangle of a digital camera — shutter time, f/number, and ISO. There are plenty of technical posing guides out there, but for their latest educational video, Daniel and Rachel of Mango Street Lab took a more natural approach.

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